Kamis, 11 Februari 2016

Funny and Lovely Things

Sometimes, we don't need something new or whatever. When you realized everything was going on too soon, you know that you need to remember the past. As I did, I never forget what my beloved people gave to me.
1. A Present from My Papa
This is my first mobile phone on my birthday. He didn't speak anything.
Photo Nokia 2626 source: Google
This is my best phone from him. He also didn't speak anything.
Photo Nokia 6300 source: Google
2. A Present from My Sister
She said "You need a good dual-sim phone!"
Photo Mito 220 source: Google
3. A Present from My Mother
Mother said "This is for you. Sorry, I can't accompany you whole the time because we're apart". And then, she always asks me "How is your handphone? is it okay?"
Photo Blackberry 9900 source: Google
4. A Present from My Darling
He said "This is for you because you don't have any else of your good phones as the past"
Photo Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos source: Google
5. A Present from Myself
For this one I said to myself "I don't know why did I buy it".
Photo Nokia 2323 source: Google
I said to myself "I want this because the salesman promoted it well to us".
Photo Oppo Yoyo source: Google
But, from all of why they said, I knew they hope me to call or text them any time I can :')

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